Sharing Economy International Inc., i.E. A designer, manufacturer, and distributor of finishing and dyeing machinery to the industry of textile has introduced nowadays the monetary results for the entire yr 2018.

“In 2018, our legacy dyeing and completing enterprise endured to face numerous demanding situations which include tough monetary situations, growing uncooked substances prices and pressured closures by means of the Chinese government which adversely impacted our monetary effects for the year. We additionally recorded $eight.6 million in impairment losses related to patent use rights and the disposition of producing system at the side of an $8.9 million loss on our solar farm equity technique funding following the Chinese authorities’ halt on new solar farm installations and decreased subsidies for solar farms already beneath creation,” commented the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of SEII, Jianhua Wu. “Given the demanding situations facing our existing manufacturing operations, we preserve to look for new growth possibilities for the Company. In 2018, we set up new sharing financial system corporations in peer-to-peer errand services, coworking, and three-D digital excursions, and are making suitable progress in developing our online condo sharing commercial enterprise in Asia.”

The Vice President at SEII, Parkson Yip said, “While the improvement of our sharing economic system agencies is dependent on extra capital to fund their boom, we made exceptional strides over the last year. In 2018 we launched BuddiGo, our sharing platform that offers on call for shipping of gadgets which include packages, flora, desserts and meals delivery with the aid of ‘buddies’ who can spare idle time to run errands within the Hong Kong market. During the year we had over 1, two hundred people officially registered as sell-side friends and that they finished over 500 transport orders. Meanwhile, 3-D Discovery generated over $zero.2 million in sales in 2018 and maintains its work on Autocap, a cellular app which lets in users to create an interactive virtual tour of a bodily space via the usage of a cell cellphone camera. Finally, through our agreement with ECrent, we hold our prelaunch sports for our peer-to-peer condo sharing economy in Asia. We remain positive approximately the future of this commercial enterprise and are hopeful it’ll make a significant contribution to our top line in 2019.”

Tight schedules, limited time, a busy lifestyle may seem like a number of the high motives for the growth of corporations presenting errand offerings. In addition, in the current technology of instantaneous gratification, wherein getting what you want and while you need is the norm, market for such offerings is widening, and organizations are developing to fill the void.

Companies imparting these offerings generally target to clear up troubles of three sorts of customers i.E., busy operating class who would favor to pay a person else to perform routine responsibilities for them, companies who should rent the services of errand carriers to carry out simple tasks on behalf of their or for their personal and subsequently people who need assistance with their errands because of antique age, illness, disability, looking forward to moms or maybe lazy folks.

Overall, hiring a person who is honestly a private assistant is probably taken into consideration a perk in recent times, however for a few human beings it is like a very good investment of time: they could stay at their desks working, instead of running anywhere to complete errands.

Benefits of Hiring Errand Services

In order to counter extremely disturbing life and listen completely on the key duties and responsibilities of private in addition to paintings existence, it’s miles strongly endorsed that each individual and company entities hire these services.

The following are the important thing benefits that both people and corporate entities stand to reap from hiring such services:

Lowers strain and useless anxieties: A regular errand running carrier employer operates under very strict codes of conduct which includes timely delivery of the responsibilities, responsibility, and honesty. Thus, they are able to decrease the stress and pointless anxieties of people to an exceptional quantity.

Saving Time – Since individuals could not be going for walks the errands, they would be capable of shop significantly on time which they could subsequently use in task different tasks that depend. Further, their time wasted in visitors may also reduce as they would now not be jogging around. This, in the long run, increases the productiveness of the people.

No Waiting in Queues: Since the providers would be strolling to do the small and large duties, individuals will no longer be required to attend in queues and waste time.

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