A DNS CONFIGURATION BLUNDER has been blamed for an outage that downed Microsoft Azure and 365 offerings.
Microsoft cloud customers across the globe this week moaned that they were unable to connect with a plethora of services for numerous hours due to the DNS borkage.
A range of Microsoft offerings was impacted, inclusive of Azure databases, Microsoft 365, Teams, Dynamics, OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Compute services.
Following reports of the flaw, Microsoft posted an Azure repute page update mentioning: “Customers may also experience intermittent connectivity troubles with Azure and different Microsoft services (inclusive of M365, Dynamics, DevOps, and so forth).
“Engineers are investigating DNS resolution troubles affecting community connectivity. Connectivity problems are ensuing in downstream effect to Compute, Storage, and Database offerings, and some clients can be unable to file assist requests.
“More records might be provided because it becomes to be had. Some customers may start to see healing.”
After investigating the outage, Microsoft showed that “users may be not able to get right of entry to Microsoft 365 services or capabilities”, including that it had “recognized and corrected a DNS configuration problem that avoided users from gaining access to Microsoft 365 offerings and functions”
“We’ve found a boom in a successful connection and our telemetry suggests that each one service are improving. We’re persevering with to display the environment to validate that carrier has been restored.”
The 3-hour outage has in view that come to an end, with Microsoft confirming that its engineers have mitigated the difficulty and that most services had been recovered.
“Engineers identified the underlying root cause as a nameserver delegation exchange affecting DNS decision and ensuing in downstream impact to Compute, Storage, App Service, AAD, and SQL Database offerings,” it said.
“During the migration of a legacy DNS system to Azure DNS, a few domain names for Microsoft offerings had been incorrectly updated. No customer DNS statistics had been impacted for the duration of this incident, and the provision of Azure DNS remained at one hundred% throughout the incident. The problem impacted only data for Microsoft services.
“To mitigate, engineers corrected the nameserver delegation trouble. Applications and offerings that accessed the incorrectly configured domains may also have cached the incorrect records, leading to an extended recuperation time until their cached data expired.” ยต

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