Residents of Manigam in Kangan vicinity along the Srinagar-Leh avenue demand better public shipping service, announcing the loss of buses plying at the nearby routes cause wastage of time and tension amongst employees and students.
The citizens call for assigning greater passenger vehicles for the vicinity.
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A civil society organization of Manigam, headed by Mudasir Rashid advised Greater Kashmir that their localities notwithstanding being located meters away from the Srinagar-Leh toll road no right public shipping centers have been available for them.
“We must watch for hours for a passenger automobile to reach our destinations,” Rashid said.
“Due to the inadequate facility of shipping service in our location we are facing difficulties to carry out our ordinary jobs in time. The college students regularly reach their faculties and colleges late hampering their education

The citizens additionally bitch being forced to hire highly-priced private shipping centers in case of emergencies.
“We have already apprised the worried authorities approximately our grievances but we keep to go through,” said Mohammad Junaid, a nearby resident.
Some citizens say at instances they have got needed to look ahead to extra than two hours for a bus a good way to journey among places inside the vicinity.

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