To higher extract the fee of client conversations, many businesses are infusing Speech Analytics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing into the patron care fabrics. Collectively, those middle resources incorporate the foundation of Conversational Service Automation, a set of solutions designed to make personnel happier and more efficient; enhance the ROI of advertising programs and product improvement; and improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty.
In August, Opus Research is hosting a loose, interactive discussion board (SF Airport Marriott Waterfront, August 21), to help groups recognize how speech analytics and Conversational AI can deliver operational cost financial savings and efficiencies progressed client enjoy, and, ultimately, sales enhancement. Highlighted on the occasion can be a presentation of key findings from an international survey of 400 touch center and client experience selection-makers monitoring real-world experience and shopping for criteria for evaluating and deploying Speech Analytics structures and services.

Executives with Uniphore, a global Conversational AI company, will be part of Opus Research, as well as companions and clients, for a deep dive into the numbers and the destiny traits represented by means of Speech Analytics and Conversational AI. This event brings collectively pinnacle executives and decision-makers from main companies and companies in an exceptional academic and interactive half of-day occasion.
Opus Research’s Forum is loose & meant for qualified attendees handiest — which includes customers and people interested in deploying speech analytics & conversational service automation technology within commercial enterprise groups.

Ask any ‘Pretty Woman’ fan and they will gleefully recount that unforgettable scene when Julia Roberts hits Rodeo Drive for a shopping spree. Remember the revenge-bliss scene inside the Nineties romantic myth?
So it occurs that Vivian visits an elaborate boutique to buy herself a pleasing dress where she is spurned by the snooty salespeople. Later, she buys a slew of obscenely steeply-priced clothing after which returns – dressed to the nines and wearing handfuls of purchasing luggage – to the one boutique that had kept away from her.
“You paintings on commission, proper?” she asks a la-di-da saleswoman.
“Uh, yes.”
“Big mistake. Big. HUGE!”
“I must buy groceries now,” she says, turning on her heels to leave (as we supply a collective contented sigh on the appalled look at the shop clerk’s face. She had it coming!).

Moral of the tale? It would not count number how deep your consumer’s pockets are, it only topics how well you treat them. Imagine how extraordinary the film could be if it was made now. What are the probabilities of Vivian tweeting out her anger and hurt, her tweets going viral with tons of people chipping in their personal frustration, the movement gaining momentum and main the shop to a digital suicide?
In a service business, nothing is more essential than having human beings to your crew who’ll do extra than represent your present-day subculture-you ought to have folks that push the way of life you have ahead, no longer the alternative way round.

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