(CNN) — Traveling from the canals of Venice to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a collection of aged humans in Japan is seeing the world — without even leaving their seats.
It’s all way to virtual reality, in addition to a group on the University of Tokyo led by means of Kenta Toshima.
As a therapist, Toshima traveled the globe taking pictures 360-degree films to reveal his senior patients. His aim changed into to help them locate pleasure and motivation in existence, the use of VR era to permit folks who are not able to tour satisfy their wanderlust and notice the sector again.

“They desired to look even more of the locations from their recollections, therefore I felt that I should display them extra by way of the usage of virtual fact and displaying them [these places] in 360,” he tells CNN Travel. “With VR, they can look around however they’d want to and experience the footage actively.”
Toshima then teamed up with the University of Tokyo lecturer and assistant professor Atsushi Hiyama, whose field of having a look at focuses on Geron-informatics.

Together they’re applying technology, which includes VR, to assist Japan’s hyper-elderly society whilst also teaching active senior citizens to film and edit 360-degree movies from their travels to give to their less mobile peers.
“ninety% of people who are over 65 years old are very lively,” says Hiyama. “They do not want help to live on my own. For the lively elderly, it method that they’re taking part in society.”
‘It takes them to an exclusive region proper before their eyes’
We attended one in all their periods at the college. Our classmates ranged from fifty-three to 90 years old and had been studying about the VR generation for approximately 12 months.
There, we met 82-year-antique Takeshi Maki, who advised us he had traveled to Hawaii along with his 360 digicams.

“I even have [friends who cannot travel], because I am over eighty years antique,” he explains. “When I confirmed [the footage] to my buddies, they have been so amazed. Do you realize the maximum of the senior humans can not circulate or journey, proper? This camera can assist them.”
According to Hiyama and Toshima, the VR travel challenge works along with physical rehabilitation in nursing care centers.

They are hoping these virtual reality holidays can help elderly patients with topics of the body — and the mind.
“Those who have lived to eighty-90 years, there are not such a lot of things they haven’t for my part experienced,” Toshima tells us.
“When they see the VR, [it] takes them to an extraordinary area proper earlier than their eyes. I noticed human beings stand up who don’t generally get up, who then start on foot. It becomes so shocking.”
“Even if our physical and mental conditions decline due to getting old, we are able to nonetheless revel in and take part in society through the use of VR generation,” adds Hiyama.

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