(CNN)Beyoncé has accomplised it once more.
The singer — icon, multi-millionaire, legend, star, Flawless Being — dropped her latest music video Tuesday night time: “Spirit” from “The Lion King: The Gift,” an album accompanying the movie debuting Friday.
The visuals are, of direction, first-rate. And her daughter Blue Ivy is in it, so we adore it even extra.

The album, to be released on the same day because the film, is a 14-tune accompaniment to the movie. The singer curated and produced the album herself, so it is almost like an advantage Beyoncé album.
In an interview with ABC in advance of the video’s launch, she called the album a “love letter to Africa.”
“I desired to ensure we located the nice expertise from Africa and no longer simply use a number of the sound and did my personal interpretation of it. I desired it to be proper to what is stunning approximately the music in Africa,” she said.
It’s no longer simply speak. In addition to famous American artists like Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, the album functions musicians from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and South Africa.
Our ears and a great pair of headphones are geared up.

In considering how a musician can follow the example set via painters in the first-class arts, I’ve remoted 4 ideas that have to help to make the spectacular monetary rewards they have reached feasible for the musician. So let’s examine a number of the traits that govern the marketplace for satisfactory artwork and see how musicians can apply these concepts to their innovative, production, and marketing strategies.
The Ideal Vehicle for Music as Fine Art

Here are four concepts and realistic tips for musicians who need to raise their music into the area of exceptional artwork by following the instance of the painters of the past and present.
1) Strive to make specific music or music collections.
The composer needs to layout experiments with sound or compositional strategies. Some song belongs inside the realm of the public, even as different music totally belongs within the realm of best artwork. It’s certainly not that hard to inform the difference. The difference is apparent when one compares the surroundings of the nightclub and the tune one unearths there with the elevated environment of the ballet or opera and its music. The distinction isn’t always one in phrases of varieties of tune, however as an alternative in the composer’s sonic fingerprint. In other phrases, not everyone thinks Jackson Pollock changed into a fantastic painter, but anyone acknowledges that it took him years of improvement to attain a point in which his fashion could be born. It’s the style of the artist or composer in an effort to call out to the attention of rich patrons, the honor of peers, and the extraordinary admiration of the tune appreciator. In track, the style of the composer, regardless of genre, I name ‘a signature sound.’ It’s the signature sound that track and artwork creditors will need to very own and for that, they are probably inclined to pay or bid up to the pride of ownership to a higher fee.
2) Create a tune gallery.

This may be modeled after the artwork gallery in which one or several artists put their work on the show. The difference with the track gallery is that you could have a corridor packed with listening rooms or stations. These showings would now not be stay performances, however as an alternative will be in impact sound installations. You can also separate one corridor into numerous compartments for exceptional composers. The tune shows could be an exclusive event furnished to critical music and artwork collectors who actively seek out sonic reports and purchase what they like. The reason of the song gallery might be the same as the art gallery – to offer the public a pattern of the artist’s expertise, to give critics something to write down about, to produce other composers touch upon the work of a peer, and to create buzz within the artwork global. Always understand that it should not be the event that drives the thrill, but the track that makes the occasion.

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