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Deciding in which to install technology is one of the maximum profound choices you have to make in contemporary business.

Here’s simply one manner to think about it:

What’s the primary gain of an era?


Or, greater particularly, the use of machines to do matters human beings spend an excessive amount of time on.

Let’s remember a selected example.

With paid media like Google and Facebook Ads, the time you spend coping with the accounts you’re chargeable for can be crippling.

Pouring over statistics, trawling via keyword planning gear, tweaking your campaigns…

It all takes so much time.

We observed this out the hard manner at Adzooma. See, earlier than the platform we built became our commercial enterprise, we began existence as a small advertising and marketing agency.

We wanted to scale up but found that our body of workers become spending an excessive amount of time on micromanagement. Pouring over spreadsheets and analyzing data meant they had much less time for the high-degree method.

We didn’t need that. So we constructed Adzooma.
Fixing the Problem

We constructed an era platform that might aid account managers. It allowed them to:

Do what they were doing, but without the fatigue.
Be faster.
Be greater productive.

And then we delivered to the platform. And then we added to it a few extra.

But that same middle precept about the era is at the middle of what we do.

Smart, powerful and clean to apply, our platform is championed with the aid of paid media novices and veterans alike for one easy motive:

It makes online marketing easier.

We’d like to show you why.
1. Cut Through the Noise

Modern paid media campaigns generate extremely big statistics set.

Figuring out what matters and what doesn’t can every now and then be easy. But frequently the numbers aren’t quite as obvious as we’d like them to be.

Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine analyzes your account 24 hours an afternoon. It does the day-to-day range crunching for you so that you can awareness at the high-level responsibilities a laptop wouldn’t be any appropriate at.

Every single one of the checks it makes pinpoint in which you may enhance overall performance.

Better but, it’s not about “preferred best practice”. The Opportunity Engine is particular to your business, your industry, your statistics, and your customers.

This subjects because there is no person-length-fits-all approach for paid media. What works for Shoe Salesman might not work for Big High Heels.

It’s also why “10 short paid media ad hacks for any commercial enterprise” articles are hardly ever useful. Specific guidelines, which can be personalized to you, are what you want.
2. Apply Changes with a Single Click

Technology can’t assist you if you aren’t on top of things of it. Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine constantly tests over 50 viable pointers for you.

When it reveals statistically applicable data, it notifies you, you overview it, and take motion. You’re in the fee.

Like what you spot? You can implement your modifications from the platform.

In reality, 85% of opportunities can be carried out in a single click.

Queue up more than one changes and watch your optimizations rollout at the same time as you get a pleasant cup of tea and conjure up the sector-beating headline in your next logo advert.

Freeing up this time lets in you to deliver outcomes that you and your clients will love.
Three. Automate Routine Tasks

Cutaway the time you spend for your debts every single day by way of setting up automation policies. The device is straightforward to use however changing regulations together means you may construct something extraordinarily effective.

You can both set things as much as movement robotically or acquire an on the spot notification while one among your guidelines fires. That method you’re handiest pulled faraway from what you’re doing whilst something sizeable requires your attention.

In reality, our customers record they keep up to 90% of their time dealing with accounts with Adzooma.

This is the time you could use to onboard new clients, brush up on the subsequent big advertising factor or, spend with own family and friends away from paintings – all while you loosen up secure inside the information your campaigns are being watched intently.
4. Create Beautiful, Customizable Reports

Justifying what you’re doing together with your PPC accounts may be hard – until you have Adzooma in your side.

Filter and sort the facts you need to showcase. Present it for your stakeholder in a digestible layout.

It takes simply mins to place them collectively and you may even add your own custom emblems and layouts for your reports. Once everything is installed, you could run them once more at the click of a button on your weekly or month-to-month summaries.

With less time spent reporting what you’re doing, you could consciousness on the elements of your job that supply a meaningful impact.

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