At the Aspen Security Forum today, Microsoft demoed a brand new technology named ElectionGuard, which the enterprise said can be used to cozy present-day electronic vote casting machines.

Microsoft is presently best demoing the brand new vote casting tech in a controlled surrounding and stated it has no plans to release commercial voting machines underneath its emblem.

Instead, the OS maker stated it might release the software in the back of ElectionGuard on GitHub, underneath an open-source license, later this year.
How ElectionGuard works

As Microsoft defined nowadays, the generation at the back of ElectionGuard is relatively easy and facilities around some center standards.

People who vote acquire a monitoring code.
They can use the tracking code on an election website to verify that their vote has been counted and that the vote has no longer been altered.
The monitoring code does now not screen the vote, so it won’t permit 1/3-events to look who voted for who.
ElectionGuard makes use of a so-referred to as homomorphic encryption scheme evolved in-house at Microsoft underneath Senior Cryptographer Josh Benaloh.
Homomorphic encryption lets in the counting of votes at the same time as retaining the votes encrypted.
The ElectionGuard SDK additionally supports third-birthday celebration “verifier” apps to independently take a look at if encrypted votes have been counted well and no longer altered.
Verifier apps were created for vote casting officials, the media, or any 0.33 birthday party inquisitive about the balloting technique.
ElectionGuard machines can also produce paper ballots, as a published report in their vote, which electorate can location internal voting boxes, like old fashioned votes.
ElectionGuard additionally supports balloting through accessibility hardware, consisting of Microsoft Surface or the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

ElectionGuard already garnering hobby

Microsoft hopes that vote casting system makers will use its new ElectionGuard software program for their merchandise. According to Microsoft, the SDK has been warmly welcomed with the aid of some voting device providers already.

“We formerly announced that we have partnerships with suppliers that build and promote greater than half of of the vote casting systems used within the United States,” stated Tom Burt, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Customer Security & Trust.

“Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re additionally now partnering with Smartmatic and Clear Ballot, of the leading voting generation companies, and Dominion Voting Systems is actively exploring the inclusion of ElectionGuard of their offerings.”

ElectionGuard is just the present day free providing the business enterprise is including to its Defending Democracy Program, which pursuits to offer loose equipment for governments and political events internationally, in order to shield the election technique.

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