The street to a reunion for the Kinks has been fraught with in-combating and sour sibling rivalry, but no matter it all of the band has made its way lower back within the recording studio.
Dave Davies confirmed to Rolling Stone Tuesday that he and his brother were recording new songs and re-recording older unreleased tracks.
“This has really been going on for multiple years,” Dave Davies instructed the mag. “We keep going back and listening to quite a few antique stuff. Some of this is superb, and some of it wishes a piece of work.”
The band has been operating on a reissue for the fiftieth anniversary in their concept album “Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire).” Dave is known as the project “genuinely achieved.” The band has revisited unreleased songs for touchups. Dave stated, “Some we recorded but by no means used. Others don’t have completed vocals or they want different elaborations.”
In addition to re-recording previously written songs, the band is running on new material written via Ray. “The songs are certainly just in demo form now. But precise demos. Ray is still dissecting numerous other fabric we would use. The intention is to get the workout, but it’s now not a finished deal,” stated Dave.

Original Kinks drummer Mick Avory and substitute drummer Bob Henrit (1984-1996) have both attended recording periods, however, the band has but to discover a bassist. The original Kinks bass player Pete Quaife died in 2010, and his replacement Jim Rodford (1978-1996) died in 2018. The Kinks and the Davies brothers were last done collectively in 1996.
Ray Davis hinted at a “new Kinks album” and mentioned the intra-band quarrel in an interview with the BBC remaining yr. “The hassle is, the two ultimate participants, my brother Dave and Mick, never were given alongside very well. But I’ve made that work in the studio and it’s fired me as much as lead them to play tougher, and with fireplace,” Ray said. “So if I can recapture those moments…”
When requested if the Kinks would ever excursion again, Dave gave what Rolling Stone defined as a “lengthy, deep giggle.” He said, “I think it’s possible. It’s not out of the question. But at this stage, it’s far too early to mention. It might be fun even though, wouldn’t it?”

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