Cheekiness.Next month, the Grammy-nominated band’s frontman might be releasing a solo album underneath the artist call Wilder Woods. Weeks ahead of the album’s release on Aug. Nine, PEOPLE can completely debut the tune video for Wilder Woods’ first single, “Supply & Demand.”
“ ‘Supply & Demand’ is a cheeky way to tell a person you love that you need to offer them what they need,” Rinehart tells PEOPLE. “I wanted the track video to sense sexy and soulful, however not take myself too significantly while doing it.”
The musician, who stocks young sons with wife Mary Reames, says his own family is infused throughout the album.

“The undertaking is called after my sons, Wilder who is 4 years antique and Woods, who may be 2 in August,” Rinehart stocks. “In such a lot of approaches, they have been the catalyst that made me take the jump and explore this venture fully. I desired to make something that they might be able to appearance returned on in 15-twenty years and be pleased with their father for taking a threat.”

He adds that Mary — whom he met “in 2000 and knew from the primary date that she became the one,” he stated on Instagram — “is my muse in lifestyles.”

“They are the entirety to me,” Rinehart says of his wife and sons, “and there isn’t a song on this entire report that doesn’t have a piece of them in it.”
The musician, who has already launched a few tracks (“Someday Soon,” “Sure Ain’t” and “Supply & Demand”) for the approaching album, could have a complete headline tour as Wilder Woods this autumn.

At the stop of May, Rinehart said that “this album became a labor of affection and the most excessive journey of self-discovery for me.”
“You continually pay attention to approximately bands ‘finding’ their sound. I don’t recognize if I definitely understood how difficult, however essential, that adventure absolutely is until I went on it myself with my co-conspirator @callmemrgabriel who produced the report. We ended up with a soul record that weaves its manner between the conventional soul artists that I love and a greater present-day alternative way of producing them,” he continued his Instagram submit.
“There are awesome sides to this album… there’s the Wilder side, that is all about love and flirtation and choice, and the Woods side, which is greater contemplative and introspective,” said the father of. “This report become meant to be something you listen to on the weekends… either within the mornings at the back porch or past due night dancing with the one, you love.”

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