PEOPLE has the exceptional superior of the rock band’s video for their anthemic unmarried “Legendary,” that’s featured on their upcoming Aug. 2 album, Victorious.
For the passionate report, participants John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, and Seth Morrison carry mild to a dark room with their musical skills because the foursome rocks out with hopes to encourage their lovers with the tale in the back of the single.
“The message at the back of the music this is so crucial for our global is really to live your existence the manner you watched you must. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t be afraid to move towards the crowd,” frontman Cooper tells PEOPLE.
“You only have one existence to live, so make it reliable for the belongings you believe and the human beings you love. That’s the way you live a legendary lifestyle,” he says.

On the video’s creative idea, Cooper reveals he “desired the video to have a transcendental first-class” for the lovers.
“The video had to be cutting-edge or even a touch surreal. We are speaking about our lives being the high-quality variations of ourselves that we can be. But lifestyles is brief, so don’t waste your time,” he says.
“This has a certain metaphysical element to it — that we’re residing inside the ‘right here proper now,’ however then our lives may be over and all that’s left is what we stood for,” he shares. “That’s why I desired the video to have a transcendental best and heaps of lighting outcomes to offer to be a supernatural high-quality to the music. And heaps and tons of power!”
Since its launch in May, “Legendary” has cracked into the Top 20 chart on Active Rock radio with a high-quality response from fanatics and fans.
“‘Legendary’ felt like the right first single as it’s so excessive electricity. It seems like a tune that must be performed in a stadium at the same time as your favorite crew is prevailing,” Cooper says. “It’s energetic, tremendous, and galvanizing. It’s what the world needs to hear proper now.”

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